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Buy (20Pieces) Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB New midnight Green Unlocked

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB

EarPods with Lightning connector
USB-C to Lightning cable
18W USB-C power adapter

Key Specs

Voice Assistant Built-inInfo Siri

Wireless Technology 4G LTE

Operating SystemInfo Apple iOS 13

Usage Time(s)Info Video playback: up to 20 hours; video playback (streamed): up to 12 hours; audio playback: up to 80 hours

Internal MemoryInfo 64 gigabytes

Screen SizeInfo 6.5 inches

Water ResistantInfo Yes

Processor Brand Apple

Front-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

Rear-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

Processor ModelInfo A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine

Internet Connectable Yes

SeriesInfo iPhone 11 Pro

Works WithInfo Siri


Voice Assistant Built-inInfo Siri

Bluetooth EnabledInfo Yes

NFC TechnologyInfo Yes

Charging Interface(s) Lightning

Wireless Charging Standard Qi

Model Family Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Expandable Memory up to 0 gigabytes

SIM Card Size Nano SIM

SIM Card Slots Single SIM

Works WithInfo Siri


Unlocked Yes

Text/Instant Messaging Yes

Email Capable Yes

Keyboard Type Touch Screen

Media Card Slot None

Built-In GPS Yes

Sensors Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer, Face ID, Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor

Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance 13.1 feet

Voice Activated Yes

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP68

Mobile Payment Service Supported Apple Pay

Wireless Charging Yes

Social Media and Messaging Services Messages, Facetime, MMS

Dust Resistant Yes

Stylus Dock None

Headphone Jack No


Display Type Super Retina XDR display

Screen ResolutionInfo 2688 x 1242

Touch ScreenInfo Yes


Integrated Camera Yes - Front and Back

Frame Rate 60 frames per second


Battery Type Lithium-ion


No-Contract No

Device Manufacturer Apple

Additional Hardware Included EarPods with Lightning connector, USB-C to Lightning cable, 18W USB-C power adapter

Phone Style Smartphone


Wireless Compatibility

Bluetooth, MIMO, Wireless AX

Network Type GSM CDMA


Stylus Included No


Product Height 6.22 inches

Product Width 3.06 inches

Product Depth 0.32 inches

Product Weight 7.97 ounces


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 Year


Product Name iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Wyatt , 12/08/2019

New iPhone is easy to use and takes great pictures!

Reviewed by Freeman , 12/08/2019

Everything works fine. the price is amazing and the shipping was delivered faster.

Reviewed by Человек , 12/08/2019

I Definitely love my order. fast delivered the price is amazing thank you so much.

Reviewed by Ironwolfe , 12/08/2019

Love my order. these was delivered on time. great camera and amazing price.

Reviewed by brain , 12/08/2019

Beautiful Products. nice price Great Purchases

Reviewed by Jackson , 12/08/2019

Great products and really nice price. i love my order.

Reviewed by Stopper , 12/08/2019

Best Price. awesome offer. i enjoyed them.

Reviewed by Luis , 12/08/2019

Nice price. Awesome Purchased

Reviewed by Payne , 12/08/2019

amazing price. really nice products. i love them all. Excellent order for me. Recommended for everyone.

Reviewed by Network3 , 12/08/2019

Amazing price. the delivered was fast as possible. Love the new Midnight Green! and i am happy with my order.

Reviewed by CaseDK , 12/08/2019

Camera is fast and great only have had it for a day and my iPhone 11 pro max is my bestie

Reviewed by Alexandrovitch , 12/08/2019

I’m so happy I bought these iPhone's

Reviewed by Tomato , 12/08/2019

Nice price. really happy with my order.

Reviewed by Miles , 12/08/2019

Nice price. delivered as faster 3 cameras and so clear - faster and better

Reviewed by PEAKS , 12/08/2019

very happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Wallerdiemont , 12/08/2019

Really like the display but price of the shipping is too much.

Reviewed by Baker , 12/08/2019

Best price. and i really like how faster the delivered was.

Reviewed by notorio , 12/08/2019

happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Delaney , 12/08/2019

I love my phone. I love the camera and even bring it to my holiday for taking pics

Reviewed by Man , 12/08/2019

Perfect.....love this new iPhone..................

Reviewed by fraz , 12/08/2019

Get this phone. Color doesn’t pop as much, but this phone is great I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Cheeks , 12/08/2019

I am very please with my purchase

Reviewed by fouche , 12/08/2019

amazing price fast shipping I am very please with my purchase

Reviewed by Btw , 12/08/2019

Dope tech I really love these phones! and i am happy with my order.

Reviewed by drifting , 12/08/2019

Amazing price.very fast delivered.so much love to these.

Reviewed by Bob , 12/08/2019

Nice color Perfect price. the shipping was delivered faster with no addition cost

Reviewed by Raheb , 12/08/2019

I am so much satisfied with my order.

Reviewed by Jordan , 12/07/2019

Nice thin and slim model camera work multiple angels which is good add up . rally nice price.

Reviewed by Johnny , 12/07/2019

Great phones. really nice order for me.

Reviewed by Paul33 , 12/07/2019

I received the wrong color. Hate the color but have no choice nor wanted to wait

Reviewed by Lil , 12/07/2019

Absolutely the best website.

Reviewed by Chanté , 12/07/2019

Nice price great phones and cameras

Reviewed by Velarde , 12/07/2019

It has great price and battery. it has been 2 weeks since i received these and they are doing well.

Reviewed by Jesus , 12/07/2019

I am very impressed with the price and how fast they delivered them to me.

Reviewed by Brooke , 12/07/2019

Awesome offer. Definitely would recommend it to everyone.

Reviewed by Joz , 12/07/2019

Very happy with this Purchase

Reviewed by Adrian , 12/07/2019

Overall good updates with new camera Face ID and bigger screen nice price.

Reviewed by tEa , 12/07/2019

delivered as promised thanks you so much The camera is excellent!

Reviewed by Tài , 12/07/2019

The Price is Fantastic. These are really Unlocked. they works with my network here in Kuwait.

Reviewed by Seth , 12/07/2019

Happy with my Purchased even i received the wrong colors.

Reviewed by Wilson , 12/07/2019

Beautiful products with nice color. the delivered was faster I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by ENDER , 12/07/2019


Reviewed by Johnny , 12/07/2019

Great Price. fast delivery great Business opportunity deal.

Reviewed by Bucetinha , 12/07/2019

The delivered was fast than i though it would be wow

Reviewed by Supri , 12/07/2019

I am very happy with the price on these. Love the larger screen.and they were delivered very fast

Reviewed by fire , 12/07/2019

They delivered on time as said. and well nice price. definitely recommend

Reviewed by Andri , 12/07/2019

Paid for these with the shipping and they were delivered with no hidden cost

Reviewed by Salazar , 12/07/2019

Great price. i like how fast the delivery was.

Reviewed by Salazar , 12/07/2019

Beautiful Colors. i really enjoy my order.

Reviewed by Custom , 12/07/2019

Excellent, and everything else is what you want. great price

Reviewed by Davik , 12/07/2019

I am really crazy good at these right now. they are right here with me. its like i bought a car

Reviewed by Schulatz , 12/07/2019

I really enjoy buying here. i will be back for the 3th time. my ebay account is going crazy now.

Reviewed by Bustamante , 12/07/2019

Once these arrived. the first thing i checked was the cameras. Camera is amazing. Feels lighter

Reviewed by Betcash , 12/07/2019

The price is very available. best place to shop

Reviewed by KWS , 12/07/2019

The Price and the shipment charge still makes it worth it

Reviewed by Legendary , 12/07/2019

Nice price and fast delivered. Been with the iPhones for years now. The camera alone is worth it with the iPhone 11 max to upgrade !

Reviewed by Amira , 12/07/2019

The best of the best.

Reviewed by danny , 12/07/2019

Nice phone with god screen and excellent camera. Size is awkward for me to handle so tends to drop often but i love the price.

Reviewed by Pereyra , 12/07/2019

really nice price. mindnight green colors are the best of these iPhones. i really enjoy my Purchase

Reviewed by Fuaoa , 12/07/2019

Best iPhone ever!!!! cool price. amazing offer really like these.

Reviewed by Tsin , 12/07/2019

Nice Price. good Phones with Great cameras!!

Reviewed by Tales , 12/06/2019

Excellent ordered for me. i really like them all.

Reviewed by Lopes , 12/06/2019

Yes they are cool. I really like the price. Awesome deal.

Reviewed by Gjgd , 12/06/2019

These was delivered today and ohh Great improvement in the camera. Love the larger screen.

Reviewed by Lee , 12/06/2019

business opportunities

Reviewed by scom , 12/06/2019

Nice price. fast delivered and i would buy again and definitely recommend

Reviewed by Douglass , 12/06/2019

These arrived today and so sweet. Nice opportunities to start a small business

Reviewed by Koshy , 12/06/2019

Awesome products. beautiful price. fast shipment

Reviewed by Киселе , 12/06/2019

Happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Brand , 12/06/2019

business opportunities with these price.

Reviewed by Inter , 12/06/2019

The shipment was crazy fast.

Reviewed by Bill , 12/06/2019

Absolutely and Awesome Purchase

Reviewed by Mininni , 12/06/2019

My order was Beyond expectations. Battery seems like if it never dies. I love my order.

Reviewed by Phantom , 12/06/2019

Amazing purchased for me and i really like these. I would be back for 20

Reviewed by Satya , 12/06/2019

Great price. i really enjoyed these iPhone's and i will be back for more business.

Reviewed by habibi , 12/06/2019

Great Price on these. and i love these iPhone's. the delivered was amazing fast

Reviewed by Rameswar , 12/06/2019

These are amazing business deal. thank for the price.

Reviewed by McArthur , 12/06/2019

Amazing Purchase for me. I would be back for 30 great business opportunities

Reviewed by Boi , 12/06/2019

Nice and delivered on time as promised. business opportunities

Reviewed by Vulture , 12/06/2019

Very fast delivered they really let me know that i paid for that and their job is to delivered

Reviewed by Tank , 12/06/2019

Ten pieces with this price. really amazing. wait the shipment with no addition cost was beautiful also.

Reviewed by Timmy , 11/03/2019

Best of the best that i had Purchase in my life.

Reviewed by Sells , 11/03/2019

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by yjack , 11/03/2019

I'm very pleased with the product all around.

Reviewed by smithy , 11/03/2019

Excellent price and display with sweet three cameras. Its larger and has better battery life, but the shipping cost over these 10 Pieces are too high. happy with my order that is the best. Peace

Reviewed by Babs , 11/02/2019

I definitely love my Purchased I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by gio , 11/02/2019

Excellent Price. I love the specs of the new iphone 11 Pro Max specially it’s three cameras and potrait mode for selfie. Excellent price. awesome order from here. this is amazing. happy with everything

Reviewed by iebe , 11/02/2019

I have to admit i was scared at first. i had to tried with 5 first. am here for 10. very happy so sweet price.

Reviewed by atch , 11/02/2019

I totally recommend getting this deal. Has best Price and the colors

Reviewed by akes , 11/02/2019

I’m totally happy I purchased those and I definitely recommend getting it. It’s a beautiful Price.

Reviewed by e917 , 11/02/2019

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by on , 11/02/2019

This is another great iPhone that we were all waitingIt’s has the beautiful price

Reviewed by Min , 11/02/2019

I dont have any problem with these Phones. and i have been happy since they arrived.

Reviewed by yB , 11/02/2019

My friends and I wanted to do a Phone business. Been looking for a better supplies but find this. bought these 10Pieces and selling them now. The Price is cool and i love the delivery time very fast. Love it, still use it and works perfectly fine! I recommend a case, I’m a bit careless, but better safe than sorry. happy with my order

Reviewed by ste , 11/02/2019

My husband really likes the new iPhone 11 pro max.. He likes that there is no boarder like on the iPhone 8 and under.we ordered them and they are very beautiful. The price is very amazing I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by senena , 11/02/2019

received these today. There are a few minor issues with apps, but may be because of iOS glitches. Performance is good. However, I personally don't think it's worth the price on this 10. only if you are into doing business you should go with 30 or 50. but they were real and beautiful price

Reviewed by ngi , 11/02/2019

This is massive for me i mean in a beautiful way. very very cool. and sweet. i am happy with them all and they arrived on time.

Reviewed by Rock , 11/01/2019

I love the price its beautiful

Reviewed by Bob499 , 11/01/2019

bought it and i love it.

Reviewed by Late , 11/01/2019

Purchased is well beautiful as the Price

Reviewed by Jmaj , 11/01/2019


Reviewed by dba , 11/01/2019

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by ung , 11/01/2019

Love this iPhone 11 Pro Max. First time with a smart Phone and we couldn't be happier. I will buy more sooner. for a business

Reviewed by RMD63 , 11/01/2019

The Price is a good purchase. I'm pleased with my purchase.

Reviewed by bobsy , 11/01/2019

excellent Price, I love them all.

Reviewed by Daniel , 10/31/2019

I dont think its that bad for less than 30 to pay for shipping cost the Price is very low add more cash for the shipping is not that bad as well.

Reviewed by THEKITC , 10/31/2019

Just the price cant stop me from buying

Reviewed by Phot , 10/31/2019

The screen alone is the killer love it.

Reviewed by Miley , 10/31/2019

Very happy with my purchase.

Reviewed by Kenny32 , 10/31/2019

This is a vary beautiful Purchased

Reviewed by Nate , 10/31/2019

The price on this deal is very sharp and clear.

Reviewed by alGuy , 10/31/2019

I bought 30 of these to resell on ebay the price was great

Reviewed by Novie1 , 10/31/2019

Its a nice deal. Great price. I like the clarity and the sound.

Reviewed by ny , 10/29/2019

Happy with my Purchase with free shipping

Reviewed by Her , 10/29/2019

What i received is what i expected

Reviewed by kenny , 10/29/2019

Amazing clarity cool cool price

Reviewed by GAL , 10/29/2019

Picture quality is amazing with this product. supper fast delivered

Reviewed by grams , 10/29/2019

Fine deal at a good price!

Reviewed by Luke , 10/29/2019

Great deal. Picture quality is great. Sound is great.

Reviewed by ygirl , 10/29/2019

Was surprised by the price. when they arrived i make sure i open the box to make sure everything works fine and sure they all did. wow. its time for another business

Reviewed by Bessing , 10/29/2019

The price are perfect on the deal and it fit perfectly for whoever are into reselling them

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