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Buy (5Pieces) Apple iPhone 11 New 256GB Black Unlocked

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Apple iPhone 11 256GB

EarPods with Lightning connector
Lightning to USB cable
USB power adapter

Key Specs

Voice Assistant Built-inInfo Siri

Wireless Technology 4G LTE

Operating SystemInfo Apple iOS 13

Internal MemoryInfo 256 gigabytes

Screen SizeInfo 6.1 inches

Water ResistantInfo Yes

Processor Brand Apple

Front-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

Rear-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

Processor ModelInfo A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine

Internet Connectable Yes

SeriesInfo Apple iPhone 11

Works WithInfo Siri


Voice Assistant Built-inInfo Siri

Bluetooth EnabledInfo Yes

NFC TechnologyInfo Yes

Charging Interface(s) Lightning

Wireless Charging Standard Qi

Model Family Apple iPhone 11

Expandable Memory up to 0 gigabytes

SIM Card Size Nano SIM

SIM Card Slots Single SIM

Works WithInfo Siri


Unlocked Yes

Text/Instant Messaging Yes

Email Capable Yes

Keyboard Type Touch Screen

Media Card Slot None

Mobile Hotspot CapabilityInfo Yes

Built-In GPS Yes

Sensors Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer, Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor

Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance 6.6 feet

Voice Activated Yes

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP68

Mobile Payment Service Supported Apple Pay

Wireless Charging Yes

Social Media and Messaging Services Messages, Facetime, MMS

Dust Resistant Yes

Stylus Dock None

Headphone Jack No


Screen ResolutionInfo 1792 x 828

Touch ScreenInfo Yes


Integrated Camera Yes - Front and Back

Recording Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)

Frame Rate 60 frames per second


Battery Type Lithium-ion


No-Contract No

Device Manufacturer Apple

Additional Hardware Included

EarPods with Lightning connector, Lightning to USB cable, USB power adapter

Phone Style Smartphone

Color Black

Color Category Black

Network Wireless Compatibility

Bluetooth, MIMO, Wireless AX

Network Type GSM CDMA


Stylus Included No


Product Height 5.94 inches

Product Width 2.98 inches

Product Depth 0.33 inches

Product Weight 6.84 ounces


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 Year


Product Name iPhone 11 256GB

Brand Apple

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Austin , 12/03/2019

finally my shipment arrived. after a long wait for over 8 days. iPhone are the best guys.

Reviewed by icebox , 12/03/2019

Very nice Purchase for me. much happy

Reviewed by opolmark , 12/03/2019

Excellent order for me. i like the Black color and i am so much in love with my order.

Reviewed by SD , 12/03/2019

Great product, really glad the price of this phone has come down from the price to the shipping charge.i really enjoy these since they arrived.

Reviewed by Edibam , 12/03/2019

Perfect order i am so much happy

Reviewed by Google , 12/03/2019

I am a satisfied customer!

Reviewed by Roy , 12/03/2019

Best Order. The price and the shipment was amazing. I am a satisfied customer!

Reviewed by Playa , 12/03/2019

My order was here last night. and i love them all. .I will return for the next upgrade which is going to be the 11 pro max.

Reviewed by Tuner , 12/03/2019

Since these was delivered five days ago. i never really have time to explore the phone much. i only open one box to make sure they are real. and wanna sell the rest. well nice price and it work fine.

Reviewed by The_J_is , 12/03/2019

This phone has a great camera. all I need the price is cool and i love what i got.

Reviewed by Boy , 12/03/2019

I was very patient reading an explaining email from esellibuy. The next these was here. so fast the delivered and the price with these iPhone's are very nice. happy with my order.

Reviewed by toobglued , 12/03/2019

Cool price and i am very happy with what i received, i will be back for sure.

Reviewed by Siper9876 , 12/03/2019

Great Price. Great phones , great cameras. happy with my order.

Reviewed by Sarmiento , 12/03/2019

There were several colors to pick from but this black is great for me and i am happy about them all. Nice price.

Reviewed by Bandstra , 12/03/2019

Nice products. I could not believe the zoom on the camera until I tried it. the shipment was amazing faster than i thought

Reviewed by Richengod , 12/03/2019

I could not believe that i could owned an iPhone in many year. but with this website i knew that its the right time for me and i am happy about these. thank for the delivered on time and the price. they all works nice.

Reviewed by Rox , 12/02/2019

Best price. delivered on time as promised impressed with my Purchased

Reviewed by kaylee4sho , 12/02/2019

Upgraded from Iphone 8 and love it! I thought the smaller size would bother me, but it is the same size as the actual screen on my 8 plus. Great Price supper happy with my order.

Reviewed by Eric , 12/02/2019

Supper nice price. Very impressed with my order

Reviewed by Patil , 12/02/2019

Wonderful offer and i love my order. very Wonderful price.

Reviewed by Adam , 12/02/2019

Very happy I made an order.

Reviewed by Leslie , 12/02/2019

Beautiful Price. delivered in less than 7 days. The great jobs esellibuy did will keep me coming back to the esellibuy

Reviewed by Knito32 , 12/02/2019

This is definitely the best order for me.

Reviewed by NtHe80s , 12/02/2019

Amazing offer Amazing Cameras Amazing Order. supper happy

Reviewed by JeyamRaj , 12/02/2019

Best Price. beautiful Products from Apple. very happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Nguyen , 12/02/2019

When i received these iPhone i had to check them out with my iPhone 8 and it is bigger than my 8 which is bad for my pocket. Got the 256GB and i am happy with them all. Thank you for the Price.

Reviewed by Armando , 12/02/2019

Great Price but not too happy with the shipping cost i Paid. Powerful, Mysterious, Comples phone

Reviewed by Echo65 , 12/02/2019

My husband got these phones for us all. with my kids they are very pretty. and love them all. delivered on time as well. Thank you

Reviewed by ranjandas , 12/02/2019

Very happy with the delivery. these was here in less than a week and i love them all. big for older eyes and I don’t miss the home button at all! Speedy to use and battery is excellent!

Reviewed by manga , 12/02/2019

Happy Purchase with what i received.

Reviewed by Lamir , 12/02/2019

Extremely happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Hossain54 , 12/02/2019

This is my first iPhone and I love it so far. The battery life is much better than my google pixel. The price that has five of these is beautiful. i wish i had found this website on time. fast delivered as promised and i love them all.

Reviewed by Seipp31 , 12/01/2019

I still could not believe my eyes when these arrived. High quality phone that still has about 50 % charge at the end of the day. Very good camera especially if you edit with Camera+.

Reviewed by horia90 , 12/01/2019

Wow my order was delivered to me today. A screen I can see without the bulk of a PLUS

Reviewed by wanshibaby , 12/01/2019

Great phones for the price. happy Purchase

Reviewed by bodega , 12/01/2019

Best color with an amazing price and the shipment was delivered on time. Worth every penny! supper happy with me Purchase

Reviewed by gymGierman , 12/01/2019

purchasing these are the best order for me in 2019. Delivered in less than 6days. wow.

Reviewed by An2nio , 12/01/2019

Delivered as fast as i want.I am extremely satisfied with my order.and would definitely do it again. For most people, the iPhone 11 is the upgrade that is worth every penny

Reviewed by Milesdone , 12/01/2019

Glad my order arrived today. Battery life is alot better then my previous phones. Thank you iPhone and esellibuy.

Reviewed by nidas32 , 12/01/2019

Sweet Price. delivered on time. Best Purchase and i am in love with these.

Reviewed by S0LD13R , 12/01/2019

I am from Kuwait. I thought the loss of the home button was going to be problematic, but in a few hours of use I was completely comfortable with swiping up. So much so that I get somewhat lost when I have to use my wife’s 7. The camera is much more capable than I need but I’m finding new uses as I discover features. The only downside is they didn’t give it to me for free!. very very nice price. thank you

Reviewed by Ed , 12/01/2019

Great Purchase I love the wide camera option and the dark mode feature. You won’t be disappointed with this phone.

Reviewed by Igel , 12/01/2019

No disappointed with all of my order.

Reviewed by John , 12/01/2019

I purchased these iPhone 11 and am very thrilled with them. The phone is fast and the colors are vivid

Reviewed by Golf , 12/01/2019

My shipment was here yesterday and i thank you for everything.

Reviewed by Anthony , 12/01/2019

Beautiful price and happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by daniels , 12/01/2019

Great Price. happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Davi , 12/01/2019

Happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Sunnye , 11/30/2019

Awesome offer. i am very happy with my order.

Reviewed by Theomite , 11/30/2019

This is an amazing offer. I am very happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by mehrin , 11/30/2019

The shipping was on time as promised. i am very happy with what i received.

Reviewed by Brandon , 11/30/2019

Great Color. delivered on time as promised. Very happy with my Purchase I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by davey , 11/30/2019

Definitely a satisfactory purchase

Reviewed by kut52 , 11/30/2019

One of these iPhone's went to my my boyfriend. The he love it so much thank you very much esellibuy for the price.

Reviewed by Jacob , 11/30/2019

I am an iPhone 6s man. i love these phones. don't miss the home button at all. great size.beautiful price and fast delivery

Reviewed by Elvis , 11/30/2019

Excellent Price. delivered on time. supper nice.

Reviewed by WallyP , 11/30/2019

This is a great deal.happy with what i had and i would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Purtron , 11/30/2019

Excellent products, they all working very smoothly happy with my order

Reviewed by maxun1 , 11/30/2019

Best Purchased very happy with them all.

Reviewed by Skye , 11/30/2019

This is One of my best purchases! This deal is amazing..

Reviewed by Jack , 11/30/2019

absolutely happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Laura , 11/30/2019

Excellent Price. delivery was faster No Regrets

Reviewed by nhung , 11/30/2019

Best of the best i am so much happy with my order.

Reviewed by loxington , 11/30/2019

Great price. Super fast and Face id works as advertised.

Reviewed by maagii , 11/29/2019

Best till date. I bought these iPhones and i am glad that i received them with the price. Thank you

Reviewed by Girl , 11/29/2019

Bought these for my daughters. Pretty much nice price. i am very happy to put smile on my kids faces

Reviewed by Khong44 , 11/29/2019

I am really happy with my order. the best of the phone is the Battery life is great.

Reviewed by Kristine , 11/29/2019

Great Price. fast delivered. Sexy iPhone. best color Best iPhone this far. Works perfect no complaints from my behalf.

Reviewed by MALIA , 11/29/2019

I am gracefully happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Katie , 11/29/2019

Very Happy with my Purchase I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Madzia , 11/29/2019

Love my Order. everything i received Works perfect!

Reviewed by Lysset , 11/29/2019

Best Purchase. Everything i received was perfect. happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by jeremy , 11/29/2019

Can’t complain I love my order, these cameras and the price are just too wonderful

Reviewed by Firerise789 , 11/29/2019

Great products Love my purchase will definitely recommend

Reviewed by Cheng , 11/29/2019

Very happy with my order.Great cameras and fast delivered

Reviewed by John , 11/29/2019

Happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Kajdren , 11/29/2019

These deal was arrived as promised to be delivered as fast as possible. and i am glad i owned these.

Reviewed by Grace , 11/29/2019

Received my order today and its been so far impressive

Reviewed by Steph , 11/29/2019

Upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 and this is the best iPhone i ever had. Great Price fast delivered

Reviewed by Mary , 11/29/2019

Best Price. delivered on time. happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Jonathan32 , 11/17/2019

Happy with my purchased and i will come back for more.

Reviewed by Ayoika , 11/17/2019

These arrived. and i have been using one since they came in here. the delivered was fast and the price for the shipping cost not that big. from Canada to Me here in Germany its ok. its a pretty good phone. I enjoy the larger screen and although using gestures instead of having a home button was confusing at first, I've gotten used to it.

Reviewed by Kishal , 11/17/2019

I am very happy with my order Amazing model a lot of Change in Apple phone and faster

Reviewed by coco , 11/17/2019

Perfect order for me. and i am very happy about these.

Reviewed by Hammed , 11/17/2019

I am very happy with my Purchase. delivered on time. from Canada to Saudi Arabia

Reviewed by Nash , 11/17/2019

Very happy with my Purchase and I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Garity , 11/17/2019

My order arrived and I’m totally happy and I definitely recommend getting it. It’s a beautiful deal.

Reviewed by grande , 11/17/2019

I was worried 256 gig wouldn’t be enough but after going through my phone and deleting all the random stuff 256 gig is more than enough room.happy with my order.

Reviewed by Brandi54 , 11/17/2019

I am very happy with what i received. These are new and they work fine. happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by sme , 11/17/2019

Great phone, great camera great deal. happy with these. better looking in person.

Reviewed by Muhammad , 11/17/2019

This is an Excellent website that offer such an amazing price. I am from Saudi arabia and the price is just the best. and i am very happy with my order. Excellent

Reviewed by nie987 , 11/17/2019

I am very happy with my Order.

Reviewed by Matt1776 , 11/17/2019

This phone has more storage than my older iPhone, which is great for all of the photos that I take, and save.
The camera is also much sharper than my older phone.happy with my order.

Reviewed by david , 11/17/2019

Great Purchase for me. very happy

Reviewed by illyii77 , 11/17/2019

very good price. and the delivered to Jordan was faster happy so much.

Reviewed by ftechguy , 11/17/2019

I am very happy with the order and how faster the shipment was.

Reviewed by AJ , 11/17/2019

Best Purchase of my life in 2019

Reviewed by T-onte , 11/17/2019

Received these today and i absolutely love them all.

Reviewed by TT , 11/17/2019

Received these today and They were very nice and patient and polite. Will purchase from them again.

Reviewed by Snipe , 11/17/2019

Switched from an android and i am happy i did.

Reviewed by eldon , 11/17/2019

received these today and i have been using one of these and i see that the screen and software work beautifully with it. I really enjoy the phone, long time android user

Reviewed by Erisa , 11/17/2019

I was very impressed on how fast the delivered was.

Reviewed by Gay , 11/17/2019

The shipping was very fast as they promised. i am very happy with that and the price. incredible website to shop

Reviewed by Matt , 11/15/2019

I am extremely happy with this website. shipping from canada to me was faster and i am now an iPhone guy.

Reviewed by chris32 , 11/15/2019

I have 3 Kids all boys. and they have been asking me for an iPhone. I was thinking of buying them the iPhone 8 but one of them show me this website i said come on, Are you sure those were real. They were begging me to try and i took the risk. Here i am very happy with my order.

Reviewed by spy , 11/15/2019

I only buy Apple products and had hesitated to upgrade from my 6s because I had gotten used to the home button not phone, but not only that. The Price that this website offer is cool. I ordered and they are here 4days later. Happy with my order and I am loving all the new features the 11 has to offer

Reviewed by Telchik , 11/15/2019

I don’t purchase a new phone every time Apple drops a new product I had the Apple iPhone 6 Plus then the 11 came out with a smaller overall phone but larger screen minus the home button and add waterproof the best phone I’ve had yet i’ve had an Apple phone since the very first one this one is by far the best. Best Price and happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Chad , 11/15/2019

I purchase these and I received absolutely beautiful Products. with these Price. Its an huge deal for me. I am very happy

Reviewed by robisi , 11/15/2019

Still dont know how fast esellibuy could delivered these to me in less than 5days after i Paid.

Reviewed by jha , 11/15/2019

The best iphone ever !Best phone I have ever owned! Phone is easy to use and the larger screen is perfect for pics and videos. If you can get this phone please do, you won’t regret this purchase!. I am happy

Reviewed by Rhcp011 , 11/15/2019

I thought I wasn’t going to like it because i was thinking if these were used Phones. But they are all New. I love my order.

Reviewed by James , 11/15/2019

Love the quality and the sensitivity of touch. Definitely recommend to anyone !

Reviewed by gjp , 11/15/2019

This is the best deal for me. I really appreciate the fact that they kept their promised. to deliver these to me and they did.

Reviewed by Jane , 11/15/2019

Best offer for someone like me. I am happy with everything i received. I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Rich , 11/15/2019

Awesome Price. happy with my order.

Reviewed by Glory , 11/15/2019

My first iPhone. It is really smooth and nice. Best of all Price and i am happy

Reviewed by mizzy , 11/15/2019

I Placed an order here and they delivery was in my house in 4days later. So far I love the new IPhone 11. I like the color and all the latest features

Reviewed by Lola , 11/15/2019

I love my iPhone 11. Perfect price and size and awesome camera quality and fast delivered.

Reviewed by Ricas , 11/15/2019

Delivered was supper fast. Great experience buying here

Reviewed by BJ1022 , 11/14/2019

My order arrived just now. Love the iPhone 11 with this better price. the shipping was faster than i thought. and they are all incredible Phones. I am supper happy with my order.

Reviewed by Best , 11/14/2019

This is amazing. The delivered time to my house was just 2days. Best iPhone I have purchased. Faster response times and great camera. very happy

Reviewed by Screen , 11/14/2019

This website became my favorite website. I Purchase here four days ago and they are all here now.Happy with my order.

Reviewed by insu , 11/14/2019

Placed an order here and they delivered to me in 2days. Thats beautiful. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Reviewed by Cosmo , 11/14/2019

Glad to see esellibuy finally delivered my order after 6 waiting days. I am happy with my order.

Reviewed by Scrap , 11/14/2019

These were delivered to me on time as they promised. Love my iPhone! Wonderful Price., loads of space, and a great upgrade from my last one!

Reviewed by Monk , 11/14/2019

I am a fan of the price but not the shipping cost. These are new Phones. yes and i love what i spent my money on The no button is kinda weird but you get used to the face recognition

Reviewed by PJF0071 , 11/14/2019

My order was delivered when i was not at home. I had to ran down to make sure no one take my packages. Open the box to make sure i received the right items and they are all new. No disappoint wish to come back in the future. I am from France and i am happy

Reviewed by Rita32 , 11/14/2019

Good Price. and i am happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by ant , 11/14/2019

This is where people should be shopping from. I was told that the delivery only take 2-3days and they did kept their promised. This is not only a great phone but it’s stunningly perfect in every way.
Once you have this phone you feel the luxury experience.
The simplicity of use along with this gorgeous looks is one of the most impressive phones I’ve ever used

Reviewed by dsmock , 11/14/2019

Great product for any Apple fanboy happy with my order.

Reviewed by Rick , 11/14/2019

I absolutely happy with my Purchased. And i will be back again for the new MacBook

Reviewed by Blake , 11/14/2019

The screen is amazing the color and picture is crisp. It is beautifully designed, i am too much happy with my order.

Reviewed by Elseef , 11/14/2019

My order are here and i have been trying the five Phones to make sure they are all real. and i will say iPhone 11 is elegant and easy to use. With the face recognition feature, it seems like the phone is always unlocked since my face is always there!

Reviewed by Tboy , 11/14/2019

I still dont know why the shipping cost so much from Canada to the USA. The Price of the phone is great. I am happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by monka1 , 11/14/2019

really happy with this deal. They arrived today. ..cameras are awesome. and the shipping is faster. Happy with my order.

Reviewed by Meek , 11/13/2019

I Purchase these set of a deal. Five days ago. And the delivery arrived in here 7days. Since then. I am very happy with my new Phones. This phone has been excellent. I’m finding that in all of the comparisons to the Samsung Note this phone exceeds in all areas.

Reviewed by Chuck , 11/13/2019

Great phone if you’re in need of an upgrade. My friends and I saved up some money for this deal. ever since they arrived our life has changed with this new iPhone 11 2019. Very happy with the Purchase

Reviewed by Mr D, 11/13/2019

I received my order today and tested one of these. Build quality is astounding, and the swipe gestures are intuitive and much faster than the home button. FaceID works great. Overall it's a fantastic device for their first attempt at a full screen phone.

Reviewed by EHunt , 11/13/2019

It has been 2 weeks and 2 days. Since i Ordered here and i have never had any issues with these iPhones. 2 are for my kids one for my wife and 1 for myself. which is 4 in total. still thinking who to give the last one. It could be my sister or my wife brother. i am very happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Mom3 , 11/13/2019

Beautiful Price. Got these for my in law all five are Black color beautiful. I cant stop staring at my mine. Thank you guys.

Reviewed by Patrick , 11/13/2019

Good but not perfect. The Price is the best part.

Reviewed by Great , 11/13/2019

I bought these for my sons going to college. I could not wait to order these. My kids are now doing beautiful playing around with their Phones. These Phones are way cheaper than i thought. anyway. They are all here and i am happy with my order.

Reviewed by Angel , 11/13/2019

With the iPhone 11, my boy friend had such an amazing quality and better outcome out of everything. Its a Great business with esellibuy.com

Reviewed by ChuckD , 11/13/2019

I received these today. and they are all new. and beautiful in color. great price. delivered time was faster. i am 110% happy with my order.

Reviewed by Rede , 11/13/2019

Awesome Price and service. I am way happy with my order.

Reviewed by Karen , 11/13/2019

These phones was tweaking when I first bought them but it just needed to be updated after it was turned on. Works great besides the first tweaks happy with my order.

Reviewed by Jason , 11/13/2019

When i first saw their price i was like come on. I said ok i have to try them and i am very crazy in love with these iPhones. I was a little reluctant at first but this phone has showed my it’s so highly rated. This is the best iPhone yet if you ask me

Reviewed by cathy622 , 11/13/2019

I’ve been an Apple fan from the minute I turned on my first apple computer the iPhone 11 is hands down the best introduction to the consumer in the long celebrated history of the great company. Would recommend it to everyone for its ease of use and miracle in innovative technology. Love my order and happy about them all.

Reviewed by Big89 , 11/13/2019

Great Price and the delivered was fast. Happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by DMayr , 11/13/2019

iPhone 11 is a wonderful device. It was a bit cumbersome for me to figure out how to do all the other things I used to on my previous iPhones. The Price on these iPhones are beautiful which is why i ordered here, Still thinking on what to do with the rest of these iPhones. but i am happy with my order.

Reviewed by Larry , 11/13/2019

I still dont know how this website could sell these phones at this amazing price. I received my order on time and i am happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Bras , 11/12/2019

Got this deal. not only because of the price. It came with my family wanted a new iPhones and Samsung did not deliver with the S10e in my opinion. This has been the best phone I have ever owned hands down! and i am very happy with them all. we are now iPhone family

Reviewed by wvanlue , 11/12/2019

I was thinking where can i get a better price for these phones. my kids always wanted iPhone and i am very Glad i could received these Phones i am very happy with my Order.

Reviewed by Lisa , 11/12/2019

This is the best Purchase ever for me. I am very happy with what i received.

Reviewed by Lady , 11/12/2019

Bought these for my wife and my daughters. They were so happy. i am glad i could make my family happy. Thank you very much esellibuy for the price.

Reviewed by Yojo , 11/12/2019

Great Price , waited for these model to came out and it is great. I am happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by cassi , 11/12/2019

Sweet Price the shipping is cost higher but fastest than i thought. i am very happy i placed an order here.

Reviewed by Andy , 11/12/2019

The future in your hands If you don’t think the extra $$$$ for the shipment, think again. Having a screen larger then the plus that fits in your hand feels amazing and really does feel like the future. These worth buying

Reviewed by Justin , 11/12/2019

We purchased these for my business and i am really in love with them its came with beautiful Price. Happy

Reviewed by Gran , 11/12/2019

I love this phone! I upgraded from an iPhone 8 so obviously there were going to be some major improvements, but I was still a little skeptical. I was proven wrong though buying here. happy with my order

Reviewed by Texasgirl , 11/12/2019

Received these on time as they promised. Face ID is really the best feature as I have found it to be much easier to use than touch ID. Really an impressive upgrade coming from the iPhone 7.

Reviewed by Austin43 , 11/12/2019

These was delivered to me. Better than expected Thank you guys

Reviewed by Adele , 11/12/2019

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Jelly , 11/12/2019

I’m a tad late with my iPhone 11 purchase, was trying to hold out with my I phone 8 plus. Thanks to a teenager who broke their hand me down iPhone, I had to make the purchase. I’m not disappointed

Reviewed by Missvi , 11/12/2019

Great fun for multitasking and browsing the web, the top of the top line technology! best Purchase for me. I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by dayzee , 11/12/2019

After having various iPhone models since 2007, I was pleasantly surprised by the iPhone 11. I really like that this phone does not have a home button and that it has face recognition that works well. The phone is very fast also. Overall, I really think Apple did a great job on this phone and I have no regrets over what I originally considered to be a big expense for a phone.

Reviewed by Shiro , 11/12/2019

Best Purchase happy

Reviewed by Random , 10/27/2019

Pretty good for price I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Pict , 10/27/2019

Good quality and great price best Purchase very happy

Reviewed by Craz , 10/27/2019

this Price is perfect the products

Reviewed by phar , 10/27/2019

Love these. Great products! The price is clear!

Reviewed by cruz , 10/27/2019

It is what I wanted and works great. It’s great price and really great having 50 of these its sweet

Reviewed by Marge , 10/27/2019

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Feli , 10/27/2019

definitely recommend

Reviewed by Rev , 10/27/2019

Exciting Color, easy to learn, beautiful Price luv

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