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Apple iPhone 11 256GB

EarPods with Lightning connector
Lightning to USB cable
USB power adapter

Key Specs

Voice Assistant Built-inInfo Siri

Wireless Technology 4G LTE

Operating SystemInfo Apple iOS 13

Internal MemoryInfo 256 gigabytes

Screen SizeInfo 6.1 inches

Water ResistantInfo Yes

Processor Brand Apple

Front-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

Rear-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

Processor ModelInfo A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine

Internet Connectable Yes

SeriesInfo Apple iPhone 11

Works WithInfo Siri


Voice Assistant Built-inInfo Siri

Bluetooth EnabledInfo Yes

NFC TechnologyInfo Yes

Charging Interface(s) Lightning

Wireless Charging Standard Qi

Model Family Apple iPhone 11

Expandable Memory up to 0 gigabytes

SIM Card Size Nano SIM

SIM Card Slots Single SIM

Works WithInfo Siri


Unlocked Yes

Text/Instant Messaging Yes

Email Capable Yes

Keyboard Type Touch Screen

Media Card Slot None

Mobile Hotspot CapabilityInfo Yes

Built-In GPS Yes

Sensors Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer, Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor

Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance 6.6 feet

Voice Activated Yes

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP68

Mobile Payment Service Supported Apple Pay

Wireless Charging Yes

Social Media and Messaging Services Messages, Facetime, MMS

Dust Resistant Yes

Stylus Dock None

Headphone Jack No


Screen ResolutionInfo 1792 x 828

Touch ScreenInfo Yes


Integrated Camera Yes - Front and Back

Recording Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)

Frame Rate 60 frames per second


Battery Type Lithium-ion


No-Contract No

Device Manufacturer Apple

Additional Hardware Included

EarPods with Lightning connector, Lightning to USB cable, USB power adapter

Phone Style Smartphone

Color Black

Color Category Black

Network Wireless Compatibility

Bluetooth, MIMO, Wireless AX

Network Type GSM CDMA


Stylus Included No


Product Height 5.94 inches

Product Width 2.98 inches

Product Depth 0.33 inches

Product Weight 6.84 ounces


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 Year


Product Name iPhone 11 256GB

Brand Apple

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Sunz , 12/03/2019

The 11 is a good upgrade, if you dont want to spend the extra money for the pro you dont have too.
Great camera...fast...and good sized. beautiful price and delivery was on time. thank you

Reviewed by Luke , 12/03/2019

Great Price. I finally made the switch from Samsung to iPhone and I love it. i will be back in the future

Reviewed by Sebast , 12/03/2019

Order these for my kids. i am in Germany but they study in America they told me that they could delivered these to them and they did. they are very pleased so I'm pleased.

Reviewed by Peeohtrek , 12/03/2019

Delivered today. and i want to say best iPhone in a while for a great price

Reviewed by Mashhad , 12/03/2019

Great Price. best color which is yellow. Love the new 12 mp camera too. This phone is noticeably heavier but it feels very sturdy

Reviewed by Carlos , 12/03/2019

excellent order for me. and I am a satisfied customer!

Reviewed by Maige2 , 12/03/2019

Beautiful Products. delivered on time. I am a satisfied customer!

Reviewed by Go101 , 12/03/2019

These was delivered on time as promised. and i Totally loves the camera and speed

Reviewed by Guy , 12/03/2019

Great Purchased no addition cost. delivered with the price i was told to pay.

Reviewed by BikerBoy , 12/03/2019

The price on this offer was beautiful The delivery does not stay long to be here, i love what i received but esellibuy should learn how to reply to an email on time.

Reviewed by coture , 12/03/2019

My order was delivered with no single issue. they all works well. and love the color so much.

Reviewed by Will , 12/03/2019

Pretty much happy with my order. This is the right color to get.

Reviewed by Sangster , 12/03/2019

I am from iPhone 8 Plus. But now that I have the iPhone 11 and am still learning to use it i will be alright in few days. Thanks with the price. wow.

Reviewed by Ted , 12/03/2019

My new iPhone's are runs smooooooth best order for me.

Reviewed by Bratton , 12/03/2019

The Price was cool and the delivery was fast. Excellent Purchase.

Reviewed by Holmes , 12/03/2019

Great Price. These iPhone's are very Excellent products. and i love what i received.

Reviewed by MCR , 12/02/2019

New phone is great, this 11 takes great pics, has some new features that took a bit to get used to since I was graduating from the 6s plus. I like that it is a bit smaller, fits in small back pockets easier.great price delivered as promised. and i am happy with them all. best order for me.

Reviewed by sounds , 12/02/2019

The sound/camera/battery life is great best order and so much happy with my order.

Reviewed by Veggie , 12/02/2019

These iPhone 11 are the phone to have this year. Esellibuy has the most bang for your buck. Best Order for me.

Reviewed by Leysman , 12/02/2019

Best Price. great color Very very very happy with this purchase

Reviewed by Troy , 12/02/2019

I was looking to upgrade from my iPhone 7. This iPhone 11 blew me away with the great price esellibuy offer. and i am very happy with my order. bye bye iPhone 7

Reviewed by Ingo , 12/02/2019

My wife just upgraded to the iPhone 11 from her iPhone 7 and she is really enjoying the new features and hardware. The camera is vastly improved, both the photos and video. The build quality is superb. we are trying to sell the rest. thank you for the price.

Reviewed by hamwi , 12/02/2019

Amazing offer Amazing Cameras Amazing Order. supper happy

Reviewed by Milner , 12/02/2019

Best Price. beautiful Products from Apple. very happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Soares , 12/02/2019

Bigger Screen! big sales. beautiful order for me. very happy

Reviewed by Polat , 12/02/2019

Debating over the three new 11 models and if it was worth it or not for me to pay the extra money for the best model or settle for the least expensive. I went with the least expensive and I’m completely satisfied with my order.

Reviewed by Rhythm , 12/02/2019

I'm still learning! A bit of an adjustment from the 6s I previously had. Need to learn some new tricks, but overall happy with my order.

Reviewed by Yavris , 12/02/2019

I was here last year with iPhone Xs Max. But now i am here for these and i love them all. very different from my previous phones

Reviewed by Salá , 12/02/2019

Order these for my Daughters and they Loves their New Phones.

Reviewed by NEWS , 12/02/2019

Extremely happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Resource , 12/02/2019

The price is such an amazing price. The camera is good not much difference my my old phone. Over all pretty good. fast delivered and i am happy with them all.

Reviewed by Angel , 12/02/2019

Best price. delivered on time as promised impressed with my Purchased

Reviewed by Duncan , 12/01/2019

First i want to say thank you very much for the best price and the faster delivered of these Phones. The phone performance has been stellar. NO lag. NO freezes. I had prepared myself to have a smooth experience with iOS, but I have still been surprised and pleased with the fluidity. Never have I experienced anything so smooth on any of the many Android phones I've used over the years. The battery is a superstar champ. It feels as if I cannot kill it if I were to try. Even though I am never far from a charging option, it is so refreshing to not feel battery anxiety.

Reviewed by Eup , 12/01/2019

This is what I consider the “Goldilocks” iPhone; it’s just right. The size, both screen and body, is perfect. I am so happy I did order these.

Reviewed by Surya , 12/01/2019

Great phones for the price. happy Purchase

Reviewed by nath , 12/01/2019

Delivered was faster Worth every penny! supper happy with me Purchase

Reviewed by Kyle , 12/01/2019

This is absolutely great price. I received these in less than 8 business day. beautiful website to shop. really happy with my order

Reviewed by Lucas , 12/01/2019

From 8 Plus to these. I am extremely satisfied with my upgrade and would definitely do it again. For most people, the iPhone 11 is the upgrade that is worth every penny

Reviewed by Jerrys , 12/01/2019

Esellibuy keep getting better when it come to the price of their products they sells. I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by 94leo , 12/01/2019

This was a pre order and i am happy with my order.

Reviewed by McPOts , 12/01/2019

Real Nice Upgrade! happy with them. i will come back again.

Reviewed by JRB , 12/01/2019

My order was delivered with zero problem. i will be back for business deal. Thank you

Reviewed by Jersey , 12/01/2019

The Price is great but the shipping cost are too high but No disappointed with all of my order.

Reviewed by Lux , 12/01/2019

My shipment arrived today and i had No regrets! I like the size better, it has a brilliant screen

Reviewed by Gun , 12/01/2019

I am from an iPhone SE to these. iOS 13 works seamlessly so far on this device. Great option for anyone that’s wants to upgrade but doesn’t really need all of the perks the pro line offers.

Reviewed by Bertakis , 12/01/2019

My best Purchase ever. these Phones works well.

Reviewed by Picklez , 12/01/2019

I am from iPhone SE and receiving these iPhones was an amazing with the price. very easy to work with phone

Reviewed by Man , 12/01/2019

Happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Brian , 11/30/2019

When i order these i knew i have a lot of work to do. I am an iPhone 8 Plus guy Took a day or two to get used to the home button but tap to wake and raises to wake is awesome

Reviewed by Litman , 11/30/2019

Great phones ive had. it is pricey but i am happy with my order.

Reviewed by Layn , 11/30/2019

i am very happy with what i received.

Reviewed by Matteo , 11/30/2019

Very happy with my Purchase I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Stalker537 , 11/30/2019

Excellent price with beautiful products. i am very happy

Reviewed by Buds0714 , 11/30/2019

The shipment was delivered as soon as possible and i never had a single regret with my order

Reviewed by Demon , 11/30/2019

Great Price. the delivered was very fast i am very happy with my order and I don't regret it for a moment

Reviewed by Dr , 11/30/2019

The price of these iPhones are sleek in every-way. they arrived here and open their boxs. very beautiful products and fast delivered.

Reviewed by rmosborn78 , 11/30/2019

Bought these and they are 100% great products. amazing price and the shipment was faster.

Reviewed by Nite , 11/30/2019

I love this deal, everything works perfectly best color is yellow and i am glad i received what i want.

Reviewed by Devin , 11/30/2019

Best Purchased

Reviewed by lana , 11/30/2019

Beautiful white color. the price is amazing and this is One of my best purchases! This deal is amazing. delivered on time as promised.

Reviewed by James , 11/30/2019

absolutely happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Kahrl , 11/30/2019

Great phone quality. Overpriced in many ways but glad i received what i paid for.

Reviewed by Bryan , 11/30/2019

Love what i paid for, No Regrets I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Kyla , 11/30/2019

Cool price. the delivery was amazing fast Awesome, awesome, awesome. This thing is so powerful and I love the face ID

Reviewed by Antonio , 11/29/2019

Best Price. delivered on time. as promised happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Debora , 11/29/2019

This is my 2th time order here. the first one went down pretty now and those would be here today so excited

Reviewed by Crazy , 11/29/2019

I was worried about buying here first. but it all went down well and i am happy with what i received.

Reviewed by It’sisabella , 11/29/2019

Best Price. best delivery time very happy with these iPhone's Love the lack of home button. No issues with Face ID

Reviewed by Harry , 11/29/2019

An iPhone 8 Plus Guy. Buying here was beautiful. Took me a few days to get used to no home button but after that I wouldn't have any other phone !

Reviewed by Sidqi , 11/29/2019

happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Eunice , 11/29/2019

Very Happy with my Purchase I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Jaewan , 11/29/2019

Great Color. best price delivered on time. having the home button has already been forgotten. I love the big screen

Reviewed by HOOAH , 11/29/2019

Great Price. delivered on time as promised. and i am very much happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Louiz , 11/29/2019

This is a great phone, With five of these make it more amazing. Best price with beautiful products. No disappoints. very happy with them all.

Reviewed by Hypeswaay , 11/29/2019

I’m liking my order so far. i will be back for more in future

Reviewed by Gaby , 11/29/2019

Happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Villanueva , 11/29/2019

Happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Gettings , 11/29/2019

The shipment was very fast. nice to kept promised. and So far, it's been impressive

Reviewed by Yuu , 11/29/2019

Great Price and amazing color Very happy with my order and no disappoint

Reviewed by Shady , 11/29/2019

Great Price. fast delivered so far I’m not disappointed.

Reviewed by Reo , 11/17/2019

Received these yesterday. and i have been using one of these. The battery is SOOOOO much better than my 6+. I love all the new features I have been using!

Reviewed by Pete , 11/17/2019

No complaints at all. This has been my best iPhone yet!! very happy with my order.

Reviewed by Lesli , 11/15/2019

Awesome deal. The delivered was faster. I am from Kuwait Good camera quality. Love the new update. Hands down best phone

Reviewed by Jaquice , 11/15/2019

My Purchased arrived on time as they promised and I absolutely love my iPhone 11. I previously had the iPhone XR , although I loved it it was still a little small for me with 64GB The 11 is perfect in size and everything.

Reviewed by Kidd , 11/15/2019

I Placed an order on last week sunday and believe me the delivery was quickly i could not believe that they could delivered these to me on time. Thank you esellibuy. i am very happy with my order.

Reviewed by Mike , 11/15/2019

Before buying here i was like wait a mins. Are these real. I send an email and i get reply back 5hrs later. and i was told what to do to competed this deal. and i did. 4days later these are here. and they look amazing very happy

Reviewed by eroni , 11/15/2019

Am very happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by eEn , 11/15/2019

I am one of those who are happy with this beautiful website. Received these today and It is definitely different from all previous iPhones but it is also my favorite so far. The shipping charged is not that bad. as long as you received what you Paid for,

Reviewed by dic29 , 11/15/2019

This is my first Apple phone and I love it! I've always had Google phones before. This website gave me a new look. Thank you for the delivered on time.

Reviewed by Camilelt , 11/15/2019

From iPhone 7 Plus to this new iPhone 11. This is an amazing website to shop with amazing price and delivered on time. Im glad I upgraded.

Reviewed by Michelle , 11/15/2019

Absolutely love these. They delivered them to me yesterday and ever since my life has changed to better.

Reviewed by Paul , 11/15/2019

Upgraded from iPhone 8 Plus to the iPhone 11! Camera is out of this world. Love my order.

Reviewed by Melissa32 , 11/15/2019

The Price is excellent. And they delivered these to me on time.

Reviewed by Ore , 11/15/2019

Awesome offer. happy with my Purchase.

Reviewed by Surfer , 11/15/2019

Great Price. delivered to me on time but A little disappointed with the cost of the shipment

Reviewed by Zack , 11/15/2019

I am so much happy with these Iphones Has one of the best low light cameras and takes the best photos and portrait photos ever. Have a case and a screen protector ready as soon as you take it out of its box.. this baby is a beauty.

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by rambo , 11/15/2019

Absolutely amazing price. happy with my order

Reviewed by Concon , 11/15/2019

Beautiful an amazing offer. Happy with Purchase

Reviewed by Bekindl , 11/14/2019

I am one of those whom received their Order today. and i would say this is the best deal of my order. i am very well happy with them all. So far I have adapted well going from a 7 Plus to the 11. Was weird at first not having a home button but within a day I didn’t even notice the difference.

Reviewed by Larry , 11/14/2019

My order arrived today. I am extremely happy with the iPhone 11 i received, especially after having an iPhone 4 for many years. Fast, great color, clear sound. This is a special phone, and one that will be around for a while. Worth the price and time to get.

Reviewed by sscr , 11/14/2019

I was a bit hesitant to upgrade to the new iPhone 11 because I wasn’t sure I’d like giving up the fingerprint access from my iPhone 7 to switch to the face recognition technology. very happy with my order and I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by big , 11/14/2019

Happy with my Purchased.

Reviewed by lala , 11/14/2019

I'm very happy with the purchase.

Reviewed by julsi , 11/14/2019

Received my order today and i will say The quality of the design, the feel, functionality, speed, screen clarity, user interface all combine to provide the user with an outstanding piece of mobile technology.

Reviewed by Michelle , 11/14/2019

I am very happy to be one of those buyers. Good phone for schoolwork and awesome camera options happy with my order,

Reviewed by Annie , 11/14/2019

Sweet Price. i love all my order. the color is rich and i am happy with them all. very good phone battery last all day

Reviewed by shail , 11/14/2019

It is a good deal but not an excellent deal. It should come with free shipping.

Reviewed by pub , 11/14/2019

The delivery was very fast and Good Price. and i am happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Derek , 11/14/2019

Once you get past the price, the 11 line of iPhones are the best yet. very happy

Reviewed by Slayer , 11/14/2019

First time buying iPhone owner. and i will say. The price on these are so beautiful and i like what i received

Reviewed by ierra , 11/14/2019

It is a recommended product and price is very competitive. very happy

Reviewed by Nicola , 11/14/2019

Awesome Price. happy with my order.

Reviewed by Lalo , 11/14/2019

I decided to order these and i am happy. i Love this website with this beautiful Price.

Reviewed by Rindy , 11/14/2019

Since my order arrived today i have been playing with one of these iPhones. The camera is spectacular on this phone and the delivered was so fast. Thank you esellibuy

Reviewed by ash2 , 11/13/2019

When i found this website i knew right away that its time for me to change my old iPhone which was the 8 Plus, I am very happy with my order and I love the price. Thought I was going to miss the “home” button but I don’t. Also, I love the size!!!

Reviewed by Blue76 , 11/13/2019

Another Great IPhone 11 before its was XR now i am happy with my new Order . Thank you guys.

Reviewed by ski , 11/13/2019

Buying here is sweet. I love the Price and they shipping delivery time. I received these on time as they promised. I’ve had iPhone’s since the second generation. This is my favorite of them all other than the lack of a headphone jack. But works great and tons of storage.

Reviewed by Sean , 11/13/2019

This is a great smart phones with an amazing price. delivered these to me was very fast. i am happy with these, very happy

Reviewed by Sirbrian , 11/13/2019

Really liking the iPhone 11. I upgraded from the iPhone 6S Plus. I really do miss the button but I’m getting the hang of no having one. I’m liking how fast the 11 is in comparison. The larger memory is also a plus. I just wish this came in gold or rose gold. All in all I’m very pleased with my order.

Reviewed by Ponce , 11/13/2019

The iPhone 11 is an amazing phone yet release currently. The delivered to my place was so faster than i thought. The PRICE IS THE KEY. love it.

Reviewed by Gabby , 11/13/2019

Amazing sweet Purchase for me. This is a great phone and even better screen. The full screen is a game changer. The only downside is the shipping cost. but thank for the price. i love them all.

Reviewed by Rick , 11/13/2019

Love my Purchased and i will be back for more.

Reviewed by MrXbox , 11/13/2019

Awesome offer. i am very happy with my order.

Reviewed by david , 11/13/2019

Expensive, Well Built and Full of Features. Without the shipping cost the price is ok. These are new also. love them all.

Reviewed by flower , 11/13/2019

if you need everything. The camera is great. The price is great. The delivered is great. all is great, i am happy with them all.

Reviewed by Jre1025 , 11/13/2019

Coming from iPhone 6 Really took a little to get used to having no home button. I just love the camera on this phone. Apple fan always! happy with my order.

Reviewed by George , 11/13/2019

Apple never disappoints. I love the new camera on the new iPhone 11. The pictures look like they are professionally taken. I also like the size of the phone. Not too big or small especially since the whole screen is in use. The fact that there is no home screen took me a while to get used to but now it’s a breeze. Wait. The Price is amazing too and the shipping was delivered to me on time. Thank you esellibuy.com

Reviewed by reg , 11/13/2019

I didn’t think it would be any different. I had the iPhone 7Plus and I loved it and didn’t want to leave it, but once I saw how beautiful the iPhone 11 was I immediately fell in love with its aesthetic features and its size.Happy with my order.

Reviewed by Joe , 11/13/2019

Happy to be one of those happy buyers. So much screen real estate and a beautiful image to boot. Camera quality is breathtaking and the phone is responsive.

Reviewed by ffem , 11/13/2019

happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by unath , 11/12/2019

Upgraded my iPhone 6s to iPhone 11 and am so glad that I did. It simply is an awesome phone with excellent features. the delivery time to my place was so fast and i am happy about everything

Reviewed by seey , 11/12/2019

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Rlionel , 11/12/2019

This is fantastic price. the delivery was faster. excellent order for me. i am very happy

Reviewed by mara , 11/12/2019

Best Purchase and i am happy about it.

Reviewed by Craf , 11/12/2019

Great deal. The screen size is beautiful and the shipping was on time as they promised. thank you guys.

Reviewed by wendy4 , 11/12/2019

I'm very happy with what i spent my money on.

Reviewed by MACa , 11/12/2019

This is an amazing iphone. It is applicable to all ages. It has a great Facetime group chat. I love the big screen even the phone size - which is not too big and not too small i am very happy with my order.

Reviewed by Cali , 11/12/2019

The iPhone 11 is a mastery of design with its edge-to-edge screen, size, and screen clarity & brightness. Face ID is great and the Home button is not at all missed once you figure out the gestures. Battery life is great. beautiful Price. i am happy

Reviewed by Kkids , 11/12/2019

Great phones and purchase experience. beautiful price.

Reviewed by Louis , 11/12/2019

Upgraded from a XR.. took a while to get use to but the face recognition is so convenient!!! Great camera and so light weight. Don’t have any complaints. very happy with them all.

Reviewed by West , 11/12/2019

This was a gift for a friend ssince I had my own iPhone 11. their was so happy going from a iPhone 8 to an iPhone 11. Best Price. This is the best place to shop

Reviewed by Adele54 , 11/12/2019

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Mom , 11/12/2019

fantastic price and the delivered time was on time as they promised. i am very happy with my order.

Reviewed by Tim , 11/12/2019

The camera is amazing! I also love that I don't have to put in my code every time. I don't regret buying here.

Reviewed by Krissy , 11/12/2019

woww my shipment arrived. i am very happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Lope , 11/12/2019

These are still expensive with the shipping cost. But the delivered time was faster maybe that was why it cost

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