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Apple iPhone 11 256GB

EarPods with Lightning connector
Lightning to USB cable
USB power adapter

Key Specs

Voice Assistant Built-inInfo Siri

Wireless Technology 4G LTE

Operating SystemInfo Apple iOS 13

Internal MemoryInfo 256 gigabytes

Screen SizeInfo 6.1 inches

Water ResistantInfo Yes

Processor Brand Apple

Front-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

Rear-Facing Camera 12 megapixels

Processor ModelInfo A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine

Internet Connectable Yes

SeriesInfo Apple iPhone 11

Works WithInfo Siri


Voice Assistant Built-inInfo Siri

Bluetooth EnabledInfo Yes

NFC TechnologyInfo Yes

Charging Interface(s) Lightning

Wireless Charging Standard Qi

Model Family Apple iPhone 11

Expandable Memory up to 0 gigabytes

SIM Card Size Nano SIM

SIM Card Slots Single SIM

Works WithInfo Siri


Unlocked Yes

Text/Instant Messaging Yes

Email Capable Yes

Keyboard Type Touch Screen

Media Card Slot None

Mobile Hotspot CapabilityInfo Yes

Built-In GPS Yes

Sensors Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Barometer, Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor

Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance 6.6 feet

Voice Activated Yes

Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP68

Mobile Payment Service Supported Apple Pay

Wireless Charging Yes

Social Media and Messaging Services Messages, Facetime, MMS

Dust Resistant Yes

Stylus Dock None

Headphone Jack No


Screen ResolutionInfo 1792 x 828

Touch ScreenInfo Yes


Integrated Camera Yes - Front and Back

Recording Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)

Frame Rate 60 frames per second


Battery Type Lithium-ion


No-Contract No

Device Manufacturer Apple

Additional Hardware Included

EarPods with Lightning connector, Lightning to USB cable, USB power adapter

Phone Style Smartphone

Color Black

Color Category Black

Network Wireless Compatibility

Bluetooth, MIMO, Wireless AX

Network Type GSM CDMA


Stylus Included No


Product Height 5.94 inches

Product Width 2.98 inches

Product Depth 0.33 inches

Product Weight 6.84 ounces


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 Year


Product Name iPhone 11 256GB

Brand Apple

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Offski , 12/03/2019

The price are gorgeous. fast delivered very nice products. happy with my order.

Reviewed by Spiffy , 12/03/2019

These arrived today. and i want to say I wish it was a little smaller. The 11 pro is smaller but for what I use it for wasn’t worth the price difference.

Reviewed by Gentle , 12/03/2019

Cool deal. Large amount of storage. delivered on time with no tax. very happy they are not fake.

Reviewed by Red5 , 12/03/2019

I am an iPhone SE girls. i ordered these for my sisters and I. and we all loves out new iPhone's. these new phones, you have to figure out the new settings to make this thing work right

Reviewed by Vlogs33 , 12/03/2019

This phone is so much nicer than my old IPhone 6 very glad that this website could give people an amazing price. with fast delivery. I am supper happy with my order.

Reviewed by Luciano , 12/03/2019

I order these for two things. 1 the price. 2 the color. white is my favorite colors and i am happy about them all.

Reviewed by Raffaniello , 12/03/2019

I am a satisfied customer!

Reviewed by Minecraft , 12/03/2019

Very nice price. great products. and i am happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Medpac , 12/03/2019

Great phones i am very happy to received these iPhone's at this cost

Reviewed by Ian , 12/03/2019

Purchased these for my family. One for my mum and the rest for my wife and kids.. Smooth design, nice new Camera, 4K video is awesome Smooth price and the delivered was Smooth

Reviewed by Moto , 12/03/2019

I did not realize that a website like this still out here, amazing price. these works well. and i love them all.

Reviewed by Abyss , 12/03/2019

Awesome Price. The 50 Pieces are brighter if you are into business. these was ordered for me and my family.

Reviewed by Siper2 , 12/03/2019

The delivery was faster than i thought. These iPhone's work very nice. So fast and with so many new features that I am just learning about.

Reviewed by Chowdhry , 12/03/2019

Very nice phones 3rd iPhone's to purchase here

Reviewed by Austin , 12/03/2019

Nice Purchase for me.

Reviewed by singh , 12/03/2019

I was a blackberry user before ordered these. The price that these carry was very nice. i like it so much. nowI am able to hear the person on the phone and the battery life lasts a long time. I also like the color--very happy with these iPhone's

Reviewed by My , 12/02/2019

I am supper happy with my order. the iPhone It has the same cameras (minus the telephoto) and processors as the 11 Pro! Not to mention it has a super long battery life that lasts all day with constant use!

Reviewed by Novakovič , 12/02/2019

Delightful upgrade from my iPhone 7. I’m. Glad I waited for the iPhone 11.Best Price and i love my order.

Reviewed by Lankaloka , 12/02/2019

Great Price. delivery was on time. I am very happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Reis , 12/02/2019

Amazing Purchased and i love my order.

Reviewed by G8 , 12/02/2019

The staff was easy to work with at the esellibuy store. i enjoy talking to them. I am very happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Emmanuel , 12/02/2019

Since these iPhone's was delivered i could not stop playing with one of these. The camera and sound are leaps and bounds better than my 6plus. Love love love my lavender color!

Reviewed by Zlatev , 12/02/2019

Amazing offer Amazing Cameras Amazing Order. supper happy

Reviewed by Bridge , 12/02/2019

Great Price. Overall i am ecstatic about my purchase and just enjoying my phone

Reviewed by Vinesh , 12/02/2019

Best Price. i like how fast FedEx delivered these to me. The camera is great and I am finding this phone very easy to use on all levels

Reviewed by Emre , 12/02/2019

You get more bang for your buck with this iPhone than any other model very happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Silver , 12/02/2019

Apple is the only way to go. First, I love these phones i received and like any new product finding new things about it everyday.The color, white which is actually a great and very soft and pretty.

Reviewed by Chara , 12/02/2019

Great Price. delivered as soon as no time. This is the best device yet. My battery life has been better than any prior device

Reviewed by Glend , 12/02/2019

At first i thought i was getting an Phony products. but i was wrong. these are all new The screen and color are great, the size is good and the camera takes good pictures. It does everything

Reviewed by Kates , 12/02/2019

I am extremely happy with my order.

Reviewed by Birngruber , 12/02/2019

So far so good i am happy with these iPhone's i received.

Reviewed by Kathy , 12/02/2019

The cameras on the new iPhone 11 is fantastic. Battery life is substantially better than the iPhone X and the speed of apps to launch is in milliseconds. Quite impressed with my Purchased

Reviewed by Joel , 12/01/2019

I've never owned an Apple product but this year I took the plunge to move from Android. I am very happy with my order. so much happy

Reviewed by hely , 12/01/2019

Best iPhone to this day! Right size right price. happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Jones , 12/01/2019

Beautiful Price. The shipment was on time. Very important to me is that this phone doesn’t have the OLED screen. I’m extremely light sensitive and get migraines. This is the only phone I can use. If Apple switches to all OLED screens in the future I’m off iPhone.

Reviewed by Spalek , 12/01/2019

Beautiful price. i love all what i received. I would highly recommend this phone, if the LCD screen bothers you that much then I would recommend going for the Pro but at the price point I’m not sure extra deep blacks are worth it.

Reviewed by Chaudry , 12/01/2019

This is absolutely great price. I received these in less than 7 business day. and they all works very nice. wow.

Reviewed by Stepson , 12/01/2019

Great Price. from iPhone 7 to these. happy with them all.

Reviewed by Kobold , 12/01/2019

Amazing cameras Amazing price Amazing products and delivered on time. very happy with these.

Reviewed by O'Seaghin , 12/01/2019

I upgraded to this phone from an iPhone 6s and it is a huge improvement. On the second battery in my 6s the phone would die after a few hours of moderate use. With the 11 after a full day(12+hours) of moderate to heavy use I have yet to put the battery lower than 35%. I much prefer Face ID over Touch ID and it is almost instantaneous. Thank for the wonderful price.

Reviewed by Hero , 12/01/2019

I’ve just upgraded from an iPhone 5s so needless to say, this was a huge jump in functionality and features. Was easy to learn all the new and exiting features, easy to set up and delivered on time.

Reviewed by smellytrucker , 12/01/2019

I’m totally impressed with this new I-phone 11. I was a dedicated Blackberry owner for 20 years! Now I’m wondering what took me so long to switch. At 43 years old I have mastered iOS 13 in a little more than one day! It is so incredibly friendly. I love it. i will be back for more order.

Reviewed by Robert , 12/01/2019

Best Price. great and sexy color No disappointed with all of my order.

Reviewed by Ben , 12/01/2019

I placed an order with these and when they arrived i had no regret . It’s a great device

Reviewed by Gold , 12/01/2019

These was an upgrade for my sons from an iPhone SE and i am happy they love their new iPhone's

Reviewed by Spilner , 12/01/2019

I love the white color. and i like how fast they delivered these to me. very nice price.

Reviewed by Abdiel , 12/01/2019

I am from Kuwait and These are the sweet spot in the iPhones line up happy with my order.

Reviewed by gnon , 12/01/2019

Happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Camilo , 11/30/2019

My ordered arrived today very happy and they are all Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Bunny , 11/30/2019

Very good price. I like these products i received. they are very good and I definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Tyrranical , 11/30/2019

great price. the shipping was on time as promised. i am very happy with what i received.

Reviewed by fortis , 11/30/2019

very happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Pieru , 11/30/2019

Excellent price with beautiful products. i am very happy

Reviewed by bonky , 11/30/2019

I needed an upgrade, since I had an iPhone 6. I was hesitant to spend so much money on the 11 but don’t regret doing so. very happy

Reviewed by Jay , 11/30/2019

When i found this site i knew its Time for an upgrade. and i am very happy with what i did.

Reviewed by True , 11/30/2019

I thought i was getting an phony iPhones. but they are Solidly built and looks good. best price.

Reviewed by Shawn , 11/30/2019

Dont need 11 pro or the 11 pro max. These are just perfect. i received them and they works fine. Love the glass look... not too small not too big either

Reviewed by Steve , 11/30/2019

Best iPhone ever!! Great color delivered on time. I absolutely happy with my order.

Reviewed by Anika44 , 11/30/2019

The first thing i like is the screen then the price, top of all delivery on time.

Reviewed by Fairy , 11/30/2019

Beautiful white color. the price is amazing and this is One of my best purchases! This deal is amazing..

Reviewed by Skank , 11/30/2019

Absolutely happy with my Purchased. delivered on time

Reviewed by Biden , 11/30/2019

Beautiful Products. happy with my order and everything is Perfect so far.

Reviewed by gunm808 , 11/30/2019

Best phone I've owned hands down! i will buy again.

Reviewed by Christopher , 11/30/2019

Awesome price. happy with my Purchased No Regrets hands down

Reviewed by Emily , 11/29/2019

Best Price. delivered on time. as promised happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by olivia , 11/29/2019

First the price is amazing. These was delivered as promised and i have been using one of these The camera is phenomenal very happy with my order.

Reviewed by Pot , 11/29/2019

More features, a little better, a little faster, happy with my order.

Reviewed by RebecaZ , 11/29/2019

My shipment was arrived today.This is the nicest screen I ha e ever seen on a phone.

Reviewed by Chris0987654 , 11/29/2019

Got this as an update from iPhone 6S plus and i am happy with what i received.

Reviewed by Charlie , 11/29/2019

happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Mirjam , 11/29/2019

Very Happy with my Purchase I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by kehaulani , 11/29/2019

Everything i received was completed. and i am supper so much happy

Reviewed by Mazmin , 11/29/2019

So many cool products on this website. I order these and i received them they works fine and no problem

Reviewed by Dozen , 11/29/2019


Reviewed by Carey , 11/29/2019

Beautiful Price. very fast shipping worth the price!!

Reviewed by Jake , 11/29/2019

Happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Hutt , 11/29/2019

Happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by odinson , 11/29/2019

The shipment was very fast. nice to kept promised. and So far, it's been impressive

Reviewed by Sharon , 11/29/2019

Very happy with my order and no disappoint

Reviewed by Valentina , 11/29/2019

Very beautifully happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Blasian , 11/17/2019

First i will say the delivered was amazing fast which is very good with the cost i paid. and I’m glad I bought the I phone 11
Faster speed longer battery life and facial recognition.

Reviewed by Anon , 11/17/2019

It's still the best. Even though some people are not happy paying shipping cost. i dont see anything wrong with the deal with this price. i received mine and i dont think paying for shipping is bad at this amazing price.

Reviewed by J-Shawn , 11/17/2019

I had an iPhone 8. but the 11 screen is the same size. Enough memory that I don’t need to delete anything thank you for the amazing offer.

Reviewed by Yo , 11/17/2019

Sweet and amazing Purchase for me.

Reviewed by Calvin , 11/17/2019

Very happy with my Purchase and I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Cedric , 11/17/2019

Great offer and i am happy with my order

Reviewed by Anni , 11/17/2019

The Price the phone and the camera are very good. i am happy with my order.

Reviewed by neIn , 11/17/2019

Fits like an iPhone XR but has a 2 cameras than the iPhone XR. 4video recording and the pictures are breathtaking! very happy with my order.

Reviewed by Rayster , 11/17/2019

I have had iPhone for years now, will never cross over to the other side.so happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by LECJ , 11/17/2019

Coming from an iPhone 6 to this thing is like going from VHS to 4K. The phone is fast, has great cameras and it can be charged without wires. This phone also has so much storage that I will not have to worry about photo and app space for quite some time. I really do love this phone.happy

Reviewed by SamRain , 11/17/2019

I am from Bahrain and i want to say i am very happy shopping here. good price.

Reviewed by SamRain , 11/17/2019

I am from Bahrain and i want to say i am very happy shopping here. good price.

Reviewed by Mike , 11/17/2019

First i am supper glad with this amazing color of a Phone. happy with my Purchased nothing more.

Reviewed by Ahdijat , 11/17/2019

I am so happy with my iPhone 11 purchase!! I really think this is the best iPhone for students. I order these for my kids. i am from Jordan The shipping from canada to Jordan was soooo fast and i am so happy with my order.

Reviewed by BoBo , 11/17/2019

Wonderful Offer, bought five Iphones, love them, great choice.

Reviewed by Zbda , 11/17/2019

I am Glad i made an great choice.happy with my order.

Reviewed by test , 11/17/2019

Saw the website for the first time and i had jump in to place and order and it Worth the order.

Reviewed by Karol , 11/17/2019

I received my order and Not disappointed. i am from Jordan

Reviewed by Sean , 11/17/2019

This phone is totally worth the hype. Define a 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by keke , 11/17/2019

First i want to say thank for delivered my order. Debated over this or the iPhone 11 Pro. So glad that I opted for the this one! Super fast and pictures are amazing!

Reviewed by Benjie , 11/17/2019

First time having an iPhone and i love them. The Price is cool

Reviewed by Billy , 11/17/2019

Upgraded from Samsung Note Edge to iPhone 11. I was impressed it was the right decision. Love the screen and the face recognition. Takes way better pictures than my old Samsung. I’m totally happy and I definitely recommend getting it. It’s a beautiful phone.

Reviewed by Coach , 11/17/2019

This is an Incredible Purchase for me i am way happy with my order. I will keep few for a Christmas gifts

Reviewed by Jonathan , 11/17/2019

I am very glad that my shipment arrived in good condition no damages or custom tax. thank you

Reviewed by Justin , 11/15/2019

When i first saw this website. I said i have missed a lot. The Price of their Deal is the best. The shipping cost is not that bad for me. because i live in Saudi Arabia. and for them to delivered these to me on time. I will say esellibuy is the best. I am happy with my order and i will come back for more.

Reviewed by Cole , 11/15/2019

Beautiful Price beautiful devices deal. The shipment was not that bad. the price is ok and they delivered on time as they promised. from Canada to New York so fast. Another Apple device made with high quality material. Feels great in the hand and the screen looks awesome!

Reviewed by Sandra , 11/15/2019

Really nice Price. The delivered to my house was very fast. Maybe thats why it cost too much for some people but hey for me i have no problem. Great phone I like the new emojis. Very comfortable to use and great for taking long distances pictures

Reviewed by Dayjay , 11/15/2019

Best and amazing Price. Esellibuy.come Welcome me to the new age. i have been thinking a lot to move on from my lost iPhone 8 Plus. Thank so much for the best price and fast delivered these to me. i am very happy

Reviewed by Jason , 11/15/2019

Best deal yet! I absolutely love my order. These are 100% i thought i was receiving an used iPhone. I am happy with my order.

Reviewed by Noway , 11/15/2019

I am from Noway. and i have been useing samsing galaxy S7 Edge. When i found this website i knew right away that i need another one. am very happy with my new iPhone 11. The screen is bigger than on my S7 edge

Reviewed by rma , 11/15/2019

Finally arrived today. after the long waited. happy with them all.

Reviewed by pleg , 11/15/2019

These deal is very perfect.Only one down side is the cost of the shipping i Paid to received these.

Reviewed by nTu , 11/15/2019

This phone is awesome! It takes great pictures and is super fast happy with my order.

Reviewed by Millie32 , 11/15/2019

This is Fantastic offer. I order them and they was a delivered to me in less than 6days. very happy

Reviewed by Matt_URL , 11/15/2019

Great offer. it was really worth the very high price

Reviewed by boy22 , 11/15/2019

happy with my Purchase.

Reviewed by LS27 , 11/15/2019

Great Order for me, Great camera and fast

Reviewed by nek , 11/15/2019

iPhone are always a valuable Phone. but with this price it much make it more and more valuable thank for the delivery

Reviewed by Susan , 11/15/2019

I absolutely love my order

Reviewed by Scott , 11/15/2019

I thought these and i will be back again for december.

Reviewed by rerei , 11/14/2019

Amazing for the price!! Good buy. Thank you so much esellibuy.com

Reviewed by eet007 , 11/14/2019

I wasn't sure about not having a button Phone. My friends were like this is 2019. Get over your old phone and look for something better. Esellibuy made my day. I am very happy with my order.

Reviewed by ewer , 11/14/2019

Happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Bear , 11/14/2019

The delivered from Canada to USA was very fast. I am in love with the price and how fast they delivered their iPhones. i will come back in the future.

Reviewed by JOJO , 11/14/2019

I am very happy with these Phones i received yesterday. although i am 1% upset with the delivered cost.

Reviewed by Paulij , 11/14/2019

Recommended for anyone that is thinking about upgrading their phone or switching over. Phone 11 is robust and looks unbelievable Price and delivered. less than 4days i received these. Thank you esellibuy

Reviewed by Minney , 11/14/2019

These came with best price and the delivered to me was faster I’m liking everything about this phone...especially the ‘full screen’ view.

Reviewed by star66 , 11/14/2019

Excellent Price with fast delivery to my country. I am from saudi arabia

Reviewed by Red123 , 11/14/2019

I don't regret my decision buying here. These was delivered to me on time as they promised and all these Phones work well with Warranty

Reviewed by Panda , 11/14/2019

Amazing website to shop. The shipping was very fast and i am happy with my order.

Reviewed by Hollyin , 11/14/2019

The delivered time is unbelievable. I received these in 2days. i still dont know how they did that.

Reviewed by cher1 , 11/14/2019

Received my order today The battery on this phone last a lot longer than ones i’ve Had before alsoI like the extra storage on this phone.

Reviewed by okie , 11/14/2019

Delivery was on Point. Very fast. Couldn’t be happier. It was expensive, but it checked all my boxes for needs and wants. Still the best phone! Durable and nice looking!

Reviewed by rip1990 , 11/14/2019

This website is too Perfect. They promised me to delivered these to me in less than 3days and they did. I am way too much happy with my order. and i will be back for the New MacBook

Reviewed by Zealot , 11/14/2019

Its has been 2 weeks, Since i received these. I had to wait long to make sure these Phones are still working well. and they are no issued even since i received these.

Reviewed by Sha , 11/14/2019

My order arrived today. And i am happy about it. I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Shek , 11/13/2019

Great phone with amazing price. if you only want the best

Reviewed by land , 11/13/2019

I am coming from an iPhone 7. Outstanding update from iPhone 7. This is the best site to shop

Reviewed by owens , 11/13/2019

There’s plenty I love about the offer. but the price & the delivery time are 2 of my favorite features. I am very happy with my order

Reviewed by bee , 11/13/2019

Purchase and delivery were seamless delivered within 2-3days.

Reviewed by corp , 11/13/2019

I cant stop being happy. with my Purchase

Reviewed by yleW , 11/13/2019

My family has been after to me to upgrade their “old” iPhones. I finally did with the beautiful price this website offer. and I’m so glad. Thank you very much esellibuy

Reviewed by 4life , 11/13/2019

Fantastic order for me. I love them all.

Reviewed by llboy , 11/13/2019

Beautiful Price and Significantly faster delivered. Happy with my order.

Reviewed by Deewilli , 11/13/2019

This is my 5th time buying here with the same color. No Regrets Here! and i will come back again in the future.

Reviewed by Tylow , 11/13/2019

The iPhone 11 is definitely not a cheap phone and once you start to use and discover all of the features, you can see why the phone costs, Happy with my order.

Reviewed by reader , 11/13/2019

My order arrived today I love the 256gb memory capacity option. I have NO complaints about these phones i would recommend it to anyone! thank you guys.

Reviewed by Ben , 11/13/2019

Phone discussions sometimes turn religious, and I admit I prefer Apple products. In that context, I’ve been throughly satisfied with this phone. The screen size comparative to the overall size of the phone makes my aging eyes happy,. i am so happy with my order.

Reviewed by BriBri , 11/13/2019

I am very i mean very happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Tbone , 11/13/2019

This iPhone works great. It’s so nice to have a new phone. The battery holds a good charge. Thank you Esellibuy. for the offer. i am happy

Reviewed by mily , 11/13/2019

Slick and nice large screen. These are so beautiful for me to owned these iPhone. i am very happy

Reviewed by wilder , 11/13/2019

happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Kathy , 11/12/2019

beautiful price and amazing Phones Great photos—still learning features. Seems very sturdy too.

Reviewed by Shoe , 11/12/2019

I bought this for my sons for Christmas coming next months, they were so surprised, he loved it. Thanks Best Buy for making it very easy to do business, I will be back for all our families phones.

Reviewed by 3300 , 11/12/2019

Once again Apple doesn’t disappoint. I really like the screen size. even the price is so sweet.

Reviewed by Shawn , 11/12/2019

Received these yesterday. Very fast. Camera is equal to or better than any other phone. I’m an Apple guy now.

Reviewed by Dantrn , 11/12/2019

Brought home a new I phone 11 for my kids and they have been in love ever since. It runs smoothly no issues a great phone so far

Reviewed by diddy , 11/12/2019

I'll admit I wasn't sold on the phone until I actually put it in my hands. It has a large screen like I wanted but still had a smaller foot print than the larger "plus" phones. I'm very happy with my new phone This is so sweet Purchase

Reviewed by Guy , 11/12/2019

Perfect. Great Camera. Love the Upgrade.

Reviewed by Hammer , 11/12/2019

Decided to pass on the 8 and the 8 + and go straight to the X and could not have been happier. The camera is AMAZING for a mobile phone and the added haptics make the phone feel like it has buttons even tho we’re now home button Free. Only complain is the shipping cost. This should be free shipping also. But i am happy anyway.

Reviewed by iPhones4818 , 11/12/2019

My iPhone 8Plus had reached the end of its useful life. I decided to go for the new iPhone 11. It is amazing. I didn't think I would notice such a big difference in functionality. I am so glad I upgraded

Reviewed by Juicy , 11/12/2019

Bought this phone online and picked up in store. Great experience picking up and activating phone. The new iPhone is great. Face ID works flawlessly and the new display is very impressive. I really like the larger screen

Reviewed by TS , 11/12/2019

great price and i am happy with my order

Reviewed by Jackson , 11/12/2019

Super cool price. Plus the shipping. Premium device with quality features. The screen is an edge to edge beauty

Reviewed by Kim , 11/12/2019

Great Price Great Purchase. I am so happy

Reviewed by JAG2 , 11/12/2019

beautiful Purchase i am so in love with them. The colors is the key. happy

Reviewed by pimp , 11/12/2019

I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Meek , 11/12/2019

I love this phone but, it took a long time for get there? Way to expensive for what you get. The shipping cost is crazy

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